Use your AutoInjector Properly and Safely

This application will help you verify the authenticity of your dose, ensure that it's not an expired or spoiled, make sure it's at the right temperature for use, and walk you through using it.

I'm sorry. Your browser does not support the features necessary to talk to your autoinjector. Please contact support for other options.

Step 1: Remove the 1 cap.

Remove cap 1. A light will turn on:

Red: Your dose is spoiled and cannot be used.
Yellow: Your dose is not spoiled, but still too cold to inject. Please wait.
Green: Your dose is not spoiled, and it is warm enough to inject.

If no light turns on, the battery is dead and your dose may be spoiled or it may not be an authentic dose.

Step 2: Press the Connect button and choose the autoinjector on the dialog box that pops up.

For security, your browser requires you to go through this step to confirm that you want to connect to the injector. On an app this would not be necessary and this step would not show up. The app would auto-detect the advertising device and connect automatically.

Step 3: Verify authenticity of the dose.

Success! We've connected to your injector and used its unique identifier to verify against our database to ensure this is an authentic dose.

Step 4: Wait until it is up to temp...

Your injector is not yet up to temp. Please wait.

Your injector pen is spoiled. This means it has been outside the acceptable range for too long. It may have been frozen or in extreme heat or at room temperature for more than 14 days. See the detailed log for more.

Your injector is ready to be used.

Step 5: Prepare to use.

Prepare the area to be injected (detailed instructions here). Remove Cap 2.

Step 6: Inject

When ready, press the button.

Step 7: Wait

Wait for the entire dose to be dispensed. The blue LED will blink for 10 seconds. Wait until it is done blinking.

Step 8: Remove and dispose.

Success! We've recorded your successful dose. You can remove the autoinjector, dispose of the caps, and place the autoinjector into a sharps bin. We'll be shipping you a new dose soon.